Glade Silk Collection

In the beautiful world of air fresheners, Glade launched a new line of upscale scents called the ‘Silk’ line. We shot these epic visceral experiences in Praque with the wonderful Johan Renck. Television links are available upon request.

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In the highly competitive land of yogurt, Müller, a smaller European brand needed a point of view. We created a campaign platform called ‘Yogurt with Benefits’, to emotionally connect with women and differentiate Müller as a well earned reward and helped them launch it successfully in a very short time frame. The result? Sales spiked 21%.




We launched numerous products for the Dove brand, including the Campaign for Real Beauty in the U.S., Deodorant (targeting millennials) and new Bodywash and HairCare products.


We were brought on to help craft a strong product message for Always, and bring some emotional depth to it ala Like a Girl.  Our solve: Nothing not a period or a prejudice should get in a woman’s way.  We were able to bridge product and brand story and over the course of our year long freelance stint, learn a lifetime about P&G and working on a global brand.



Citracal was a brand in transition, looking to modernize themselves and put bone health in the same conversation as beauty. We tapped into the truth that every woman feels younger inside than she really is. Then we brought that truth to life using provocative visuals to flip the stereotype of aging. 


Suave had built its story on price. So when competitors cut prices, consumers were easily lured away because they had no emotional connection to the brand. By targeting moms who felt bad about spending the family budget on their beauty, we turned Suave into an emotional win that let women say yes to beautiful without any guilt. EFFIE Awarded work moved women and moved product.


We worked on too many Walmart projects to name, but these were some of our favorite spots from our 18 month stint at The Martin Agency. 


Our campaign for Sears Holiday took the traditional retail doorbuster info, but paired it with honest, funny insights that every mother could relate to during her holiday rush.

National Women's History Museum

The National Women’s History Museum had an awareness problem. Mainly that didn’t yet exist in America and needed to. This campaign was created to provoke the conversation and wake people, including Congress, up to the fact that it was high time a museum honoring women was created.

Naughty Betty

Born out of an ad campaign gone awry in 2006, Naughty Betty is our own social expression brand that started with 12 greeting cards and has been growing ever since. We have sold over 1 million cards and are currently in over 2000 stores nationwide. In addition to adding new gift and party items to our line up in 2015, we will be launching a line of Naughty Betty wines in 2016.